Monday, February 6, 2012


Pappa was a rolling stone. Yep! I got a judgment order after the wannabe attorney dream team of mass joinder attorneys defected the week before the paternity and child support trial date. Yep! Mass joinder attorneys who were suppose to be fighting the banks to save homeowners from losing their homes kept showing up for a family court case in Orange County, California.

Just click on the link and type in case# 10FL103673 for the family court case in Orange County or search by the case number (10FL103673). It's public record.

Another case that was created two weeks after the same absentee parent was served a paternity lawsuit in June 2010 somehow couldn't proceed within a week after the judgment in case# 10FL103673. I thought when people filed lawsuits that were suppose to be based off truth that they would be glad to answer questions about the happenings surrounding the filing of THEIR lawsuit, but I found out that not all plaintiffs like getting into the details of why they filed THEIR lawsuit. Old habits are hard to break, but sometimes suing everyone with frivolous lawsuits is not a good decision when you have family court and potential federal court cases.

What's disturbing about the lengths that some will go through to "protect" themselves is not as holy as they'd like it to be known. I'm sure they didn't expect references of a UCC-1 to show up in case# BC440831, but it did. There is a couple were at least one of the two provided testimony that they did a legal agreement to protect at least one of the parties financially after reading this blog in 2007. One of the two voluntarily signed a UCC-1 giving the other party virtually a blanket lien ,because the other person said that they were scared after reading this blog. Protection from a baby! Scared of a baby! There's nothing about this blog that is scary unless the words "stock manipulation" or "child" is frightening. This duo screwed over a baby thinking they were getting an upper hand over the mother but in the end they screwed a biological child to one party and the sister of other party's daughter. Not even giving up $1 to the child is beyond any word I could think of to describe greed. Four and a half years to get a judgment against someone who flip flops Christianity and Judaism upon convenience and yet a UCC-1 is on record being described as a necessity after things weren't going so well and there were claims online about what was described as "an illegitimate child." Every time that Supremes song is heard now, it's a joke among people who have read or heard what transpired in August 2007 because someone was scared of a baby. I guess one more baby is more costly than a luxury car, house, blind trusts, and property and money stashed across the globe.

Anyway, I'm celebrating for a lot of reason and looking very optimistic about the future. I will eventually remove this blog but since I was intimidated, lied about, stalked, never received one month of child support for our daughter, etc. for four and a half years, I'm not in a rush. I learned more things about this person than I could had ever imagined and it's officially known this blog is definitely far less worse than what state and federal government agencies have accused in the last few months. If it wasn't for frivolous lawsuit filed against me within weeks of the only paternity lawsuit I filed against the only person I said was our daughter's father then this blog would had ended January 19, 2012. Instead, I'm making a freedom of speech point since I posted facts, and it took getting a paternity and child support judgment to get a civil lawsuit against me to be dismissed even though it lacked any credibility and was a complete abuse of the judicial system by the plaintiff and his counsel to get me to dismiss the paternity lawsuit that was filed on June 2, 2010.