Tuesday, March 10, 2009

If I don't answer, leave a message

It's easy to contact me. Just send an email or leave a voicemail if you really have been trying to call me. Not sending an email or leaving a voicemail with a callback number isn't even worth mentioning you tried to call, because you didn't leave anything for me to know. I can still figure out who's who even with fake IP addresses so it really doesn't matter if you try to hide your IP address or not.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Scared poodle

Well, I wasn’t going to publish anymore emails but after some requests for clarification, I am publishing a few more emails. To great disappointment of some, I am still not publishing the more explicit ones here but will gladly produce them in court in case someone wants to sing a song about not having any type of relationship.

For one email I have located, I’m only publishing a select few lines just because apparently this one email seem to be worth something to a lot of people. To bad for some, the entire email will be very embarrassing and very blunt about who owns a few certain companies. I’m guessing that after having certain people going around asking others if they have seen me, what car am I driving, where do I live, false reports, etc., he thought that I would just vanish like the wind. Well, the lesson learned is if a man is going to knock up a woman who’s not his wife and interfere with her earning an income by harassing her job, then he should be very prepared to financially support the child he created with her. Maybe, he thought I would be quiet like the one that worked at the hotel with the son he says isn’t his. Here’s a new name for him since he is running from our daughter, “Scared poodle.” Maybe, that’s what should be painted on the jets, a poodle.

Re: Hi Mitchell

"If that does not make you feel comfortable, go to http://www.signalife.com/. It is a revolutionary heart company I founded four years ago."


Well, you get the idea of what is being told in this email and their is that self-confidence of repeating who owns this company and what other company. The author of the above quote is Mitchell J. Stein and it did come from a certain Hidden Hills, CA computer. It took a little while to obtain it, but I do have the email, and it has sparked interest including an offer to buy the email but I've been thinking about just giving out copies to anyone who wants one. Who knows where it will turn up. I'd guess if he wasn't truly the owner, it would have the assumed owner awfully upset to know that an "employee" was using company equipment to send emails of sexual content, confessions of his "love," and his boldness to say that no one would believe me. Well, from California to Indiana to Florida, your version is no longer believable Mitchell J. Stein.

a poem for ms. thing

a poem for ms. thing

Wednesday, July 26, 2006 1:34 AM



Good night wishes to the woman who claims she loves me:


She thinks

Her nose crinkles

No description for her beauty

One of a kind'

One of a decade

One of a generation

One of all times

Men have dreamed of less

Some men don't have the dream because they cannot imagine the beauty

But this is not a dream

She loves me

And I know I will set her free


Its all in her eyes

What does she want?




I am the man.

Follow her eyes

Give it to her old boy.

by: the doberman.

precious moments

precious moments

Tuesday, August 1, 2006 11:42 PM




You are a piece of work.

Even when I speak with you on the telephone, you appear disinterested.


Maybe I'm amazed (listen to Paul McCartney before you were born, but after he left the Beatles)..

I'm certainly amazed.

But what else should I know?

"maybe i'm amazed at the way i need you ..."