Saturday, March 15, 2014

Look it up.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Bogus Lawsuits On Halt for Now

United States Germany Russia United Kingdom Netherlands France Ukraine China Poland Canada Someone asked me who is viewing this blog. I'm guessing more than just a few with interest since the current counter shows almost 16,000. I'm not going to say who has viewed but the latest countries are listed above. There have been a few other areas, but these are the most frequent locations. Sentencing is April 7, 2014 in Florida for the person who quoted the old date in February. Although, I wouldn't be surprised if one more trick is up that sleeve to delay. If anyone read his lawsuits and studied the Sparks deposition, then they would know exactly what's going on. Any person or entity who's ever received one of his bogus lawsuits know exactly what's going on with that criminal trial which is why it's no surprise he still hasn't been sentenced. Mitchell is in jail awaiting sentencing so he can't pull a Rebecca Parret by running, taking anti -aging regiments on the run, hiding in a tourist community, and claiming to be a victim of fraud.

Monday, February 6, 2012


Pappa was a rolling stone. Yep! I got a judgment order after the wannabe attorney dream team of mass joinder attorneys defected the week before the paternity and child support trial date. Yep! Mass joinder attorneys who were suppose to be fighting the banks to save homeowners from losing their homes kept showing up for a family court case in Orange County, California.

Just click on the link and type in case# 10FL103673 for the family court case in Orange County or search by the case number (10FL103673). It's public record.

Another case that was created two weeks after the same absentee parent was served a paternity lawsuit in June 2010 somehow couldn't proceed within a week after the judgment in case# 10FL103673. I thought when people filed lawsuits that were suppose to be based off truth that they would be glad to answer questions about the happenings surrounding the filing of THEIR lawsuit, but I found out that not all plaintiffs like getting into the details of why they filed THEIR lawsuit. Old habits are hard to break, but sometimes suing everyone with frivolous lawsuits is not a good decision when you have family court and potential federal court cases.

What's disturbing about the lengths that some will go through to "protect" themselves is not as holy as they'd like it to be known. I'm sure they didn't expect references of a UCC-1 to show up in case# BC440831, but it did. There is a couple were at least one of the two provided testimony that they did a legal agreement to protect at least one of the parties financially after reading this blog in 2007. One of the two voluntarily signed a UCC-1 giving the other party virtually a blanket lien ,because the other person said that they were scared after reading this blog. Protection from a baby! Scared of a baby! There's nothing about this blog that is scary unless the words "stock manipulation" or "child" is frightening. This duo screwed over a baby thinking they were getting an upper hand over the mother but in the end they screwed a biological child to one party and the sister of other party's daughter. Not even giving up $1 to the child is beyond any word I could think of to describe greed. Four and a half years to get a judgment against someone who flip flops Christianity and Judaism upon convenience and yet a UCC-1 is on record being described as a necessity after things weren't going so well and there were claims online about what was described as "an illegitimate child." Every time that Supremes song is heard now, it's a joke among people who have read or heard what transpired in August 2007 because someone was scared of a baby. I guess one more baby is more costly than a luxury car, house, blind trusts, and property and money stashed across the globe.

Anyway, I'm celebrating for a lot of reason and looking very optimistic about the future. I will eventually remove this blog but since I was intimidated, lied about, stalked, never received one month of child support for our daughter, etc. for four and a half years, I'm not in a rush. I learned more things about this person than I could had ever imagined and it's officially known this blog is definitely far less worse than what state and federal government agencies have accused in the last few months. If it wasn't for frivolous lawsuit filed against me within weeks of the only paternity lawsuit I filed against the only person I said was our daughter's father then this blog would had ended January 19, 2012. Instead, I'm making a freedom of speech point since I posted facts, and it took getting a paternity and child support judgment to get a civil lawsuit against me to be dismissed even though it lacked any credibility and was a complete abuse of the judicial system by the plaintiff and his counsel to get me to dismiss the paternity lawsuit that was filed on June 2, 2010.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lies and deceit can only go on so long. Law practice seized by the CA State Bar in August for frauding homeowners, bankruptcy not going well, and now the SEC and DOJ has had enough. I'm really not the onlyne looking for justice.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

When You're Not The First

Why is it that when a woman gets pregnant, it's always the woman's fault and the man was trapped? I know it doesn't happen everytime when a woman gets pregnant, but it seem to always be the woman's fault as if the woman sits down and plots how to force the man on her and how to force the man to put sperm inside her body.

Entirely too many pages to read.........................

I guess, you have answered what I stated earlier last week. I thought you would somehow turn on me by not wanting to be with me from the news. You have. I AM ON YOUR SIDE; DON'T FORGET IT. I JUST TOLD YOU WHAT I SAID AT THE BEGINNING. I WILL LIVE THE REST OF MY LIFE MY WAY. THAT DOES NOT MEAN I WILL BE ANYTHING BUT ON YOUR SIDE.I tried talking about us in my first email this evening since you stated that you would still be with me previously, and you somehow came up with a conclusion that I was being coached since I wrote an email after having time to think about things while working. Well, if that is so that I'm being coached, then I should be thinking that you have talked to some men who have coached you to pressure her even more in hopes that she'd change her mind instead of embracing the way you told me last week or the way a man would after he'd thought about it a little longer. I TALK TO NOBODY AND YOU KNOW IT. You have thrown almost everything at me from stating that I'm being coached, bringing up that I didnt want kids when I actually said that I didn't know if I wanted them, to this is the end of the relationship because nothing will be the same, and to what has happened with other women (again, you threw up the track record which goes back to your past with other women). I think it is an image thing. SORRY. WRONG ON ALL COUNTS. It's your image to ditch the chick. OH YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW WRONG YOU ARE. THAT IS NOT MY IMAGE AT ALL. WRONG. NOT EVEN CLOSE. YOU ARE OUT OF BOUNDS HERE. Maybe, that's what you want to be known as. It's almost now becoming clear why you say that all these women are trying to get in touch with you and bad-mouthing you. ONE WOMAN DID THAT, AND SHE WAS INSANE WITH THE SAME ISSUE OF PREGNANCY WHEN SHE TOO TRIED TO TRAP ME. THE DIFFERENCE WAS THAT I DID NOT LIKE HER. SHE WAS IMMATURE AND NOT MY TYPE. YOU ARE MY TYPE AND THAT IS WHY I AM FIGHTING WITH YOU. CASSANDRA STILL CALLS ME DAILY. You are happy and content with that I guess. Although, when I looked at you. I did not see you as wanting to be forever known as "that man." TRUST YOUR FIRST LOOK. I guess I was wrong. YOU WERE RIGHT. I was really hoping you was that great guy. I know that I didn't plan this, that it has happened, I have made my decision after not being pressured in a hotel room, and I have to realize that the child's father wants no part of it regardless what the mother says or does to try to accomodate him. Nothing I say will satisfy or make you happy. I guess this is like the other week when you were stressed out about us, you said you talked to Willie (and you talk about me talking to people), he said that you were stressing about nothing, and you find out that I had been trying to get in touch with you. You were thinking negatively for no reason. I was still there for you. You just didn't know it at the time that I was trying to get in touch with you to let you know that I loved you. It's you not giving love the chance to play out naturally without expecting the worse. That's not being paranoid, that's thinking irrational. THIS IS ALL JUST POPPYCOCK.

This is the end of my plea for giving love a try. I can't do anything more since you as a man has deemed this as the evil of all evils. I accept that this is it, because I can't and will not try to force you to be with me. I can't continue back and forth of emails stating pretty much the same thing. I am trying my best to still have some good thoughts of you. Although, I can't help but not understand how you can go from calling me yesterday and saying lets stay together to telling me the things you said in that previous email. I am going to try to forget you said those things about me. I am not going to be able to keep this completely quite, because I will now have to rely on people to help me. I have to start building a network to help me since apparently I am on my way to becoming a single parent and I will have to move on with life hoping that God will eventually bring someone into my life who will accept me and our child. I just know that I'm not going to argue with you any longer. It's not good for me right now, and I refuse to end up in the hospital due to stressing about something that one day I will look back upon and think how I can't believe I let you stress me out about something I'd decided upon after you said that you was excited and that I should be happy that we created life. One thing that I will look into immediately after this child is born, if all goes well, is to locate a place to do DNA testing or if you want to pick out the place, you can gladly do that. I have no fear of what the test will read. Again, even though I hate needles, I'd gladly do one before birth if you think that will help answer your question that you have repeatively asked.




Friday, July 30, 2010

How To Move a Blog to Page One

If you go to, you will see an orange icon that says “Create a Blog.” Click on it. It will take you to a screen that says “Create a Google Account.”

If you do not have a Google Account, you will need to go to, Google Groups, or Orkut, and create an account. There is no charge to create a Google account, because they do not charge. After you create your Gmail email account, go back to the site and follow the directions listed above.

Type in your Gmail email address, and fill out each blank. Once you have done that, click on the orange icon that says, “Continue.”

Now once you have gotten to “Name Your Blog,” create a name for the blog title. In this blog’s case, the name created was “Do You Know Mitchell J Stein” and you will need to create your blog address. Your blog address does not have to be identical to the Blog title but if you would like to move up in search engines to the front pages, it should be a name that would closely link your title and address, and it makes it easy for people who wish to view your blog to remember.

Once you’re done and move to the next page, you will “Choose a Starter Template.” They have a lot of generic, standard templates. You will see a format, a template’s name, and the name of the person who created the template. This blog choose to use the black format from the group of starter templates since it was simple and not complex. Don’t worry, there is no charge for these templates. They are free and maintained by Blogger. When you pick out which free template you want.

Once you choose your template and go to the next page, you will see that your blog has been created and you are now ready to “Start Blogging,” at no charge thanks to Now, you can immediately start blogging or you can click on “Design” to setup the format of your blog at no charge. “Design” will also give you the choices to let people be Followers you, you can write About Me information, you can add links to other web sites and blogs, you can add JavaScript, create a slideshow, add pictures, create a search, add a newsreel, create a feed, add a profile, blog archive, etc. This has all been created by Blogger at no charge. It’s free. If you are not pleased with the format of your blog, you can click on “Template Designer” which will let your change the template, background, layout, and also provide some advance options that lets you change the color of text, links, and bars. This blog went with the Awesome Inc. template, because it was a simple format, plain, and easy to view.

Now, if you are wondering how do blogs and web sites move to the first page on Google and other search engines then here is an answer. When people begin to click on your blog or web site, that can generate “web crawls.” Right after your site is created it will generate a web crawl, in most cases but not all cases. When people begin to click on your blog using specific search phrases or if your blog is linked to web sites, message boards, or other blogs, it will generate activity on your site which helps move your site closer to the first few pages on search engines. When people begin to comment on your blog, the words that they use in their comments make their statements searchable online and that can help move the blog. If people are referencing your blog’s name on other web sites, blogs, or message boards, then that will increase the blog chances of moving closer to the first or second page, unless your blog shares the name with a celebrity, have a very common name or topic name or an event that is always going to be more popular. If people who make comments or if you make blog topics with a certain word or words frequently, that will move your blog up even more since it’s being repetitive and that can start to bring your blog to the first or second page. Either way, you would have moved your blog to the top page or top pages on a search engine and it can be done for free. Also, if you comment on other blogs, web sites, and message boards logged in as your blog screen name that can help.

Google search engine was used in this blog entry mainly, because if you have a Google account, use Blogger (associated with Google), and use words repetitively, then it is possible to increase the chances of moving up on search engines as long as you don’t share a topic or name that is very common. In that case it will probably cost money to move to the first page, but if your topic or words used are not that popular or well-known, then you can easily move to page one within a month or two.

This is not a guarantee, but this has the experience I have had making a free blog move to page one without paying one cent to get to page one on Google search engine as well as Yahoo, MSN, and others.

Also, if you want to find out WHO is viewing your blog, then you will need to search online for free blog counters. Most will give you the IP addresses of people who view your blog and if they are viewing directly from a web site domain, at what time they viewed, what search words they used to view your blog, what pages they viewed, and you can see what web site domains are viewing your blog. If you are really computer knowledgeable, then you can also learn how to trace IP addresses of persons who try to block their IP addresses or at least know when someone is viewing under a fake IP address, you can also find out if someone viewed your blog via an email or file attachment. Each blog counter company is different with what they provide so you have to choose the one that will meet your need.

Remember that if you are using the address for your blog, then you are using Google's web site. If you want to get rid of the, then you have to move your free blog to a paid blog web site which will cause for you to create an available domain name (cost less than $10 to setup). If you are managing your blog on your independent web site, then that will cost month that can be paid monthly or annually depending on what hosting company you choose. However, if is apart of your blog web site name, then you are using the FREE Blogger account which can provide you will lot of FREE steps to create a blog.

Don't forget Blogger is copyrighted by Google.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

August 2, 2010

Paternity suit was served in June 2010 on Mitchell J. Stein, yet Mitchell J. Stein was a no show for mediation today which was no surprise.

Guess we'll see you at the hearing on Monday, August 2, 2010 in Orange County unless you're going for a bench warrant and/or a default judgment.

Now, make sure you print this post out and do a print screen so it can be known you missed mediation and our hearing is still August 2, 2010. It's the exact same place that is listed in your paperwork.

You'd think a man who denies paternity to friends and family would want to make sure he shows up for a hearing. However, since it's a pattern regarding cases he's on the losing end of, it would be a surprise if Mitchell J. Stein doesn't try to keep delaying this matter.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Couldn't Have Asked For More

You've given the greatest gifts in depositions and in court over the last few months. At least you admitted YOU know the blog exists and you know the child exists. You actually admitted to some assets shifting around the time you were being attempted service at the Hidden Hills residency in August 2007. That deposition where you actually admitted to living on John Colter and Daybreak helps A LOT! A LOT! After all, we have service attempts stating that they were told that you didn't live at those addresses. Also, lying to that trustee about the Florida driver license year, helps A LOT. A LOT! I had a good laugh when they realized your Florida license showed issued in 2007 and the excuse you gave on record for that "mishap." A few other statements made has helped A LOT! You don't have to say our names, most people who know you all over the world from Antigua to Sweden to Spain to the U.K. and beyond already know about your domestic issues which is probably the reason why the people at the courthouse could care less about how much trouble this site has been for you. It seems that this didn't cause any trouble until it went a little public for the Steins, but before the situation was treated as a problem that would go away. The truth doesn't disappear like the wind and it's funny how everything is leading back to August 2007 when this child was known about before August 2007 in the Stein houses. Could it be that the process servers and sheriff deputies buzzing a Hidden Hills residency weekly in August 2007 for several court appearances was a little scary and the fact that it all became public makes it a little harder for people to believe it's a lie especially when the father is dodging his responsibility? That can be scary if you know what is being said isn't a lie.

What will he say next month that will be helpful in family court? Will someone be the same chatterbox working the courtroom or will someone have a little sick stomach thinking about getting some more papers reagarding family matters? Maybe, another tree will come falling on someone to delay the court date for another few weeks or another month? Maybe, he will pull a rabbit out his anus and say that's the reason he need more time as he try to doctor up his finances?

Thinking, is Mr. Stein really worth calling himself a "famous" trial attorney when he doesn't even take responsibility for his own personal life and he's evaded facing a family court judge in San Diego regarding his own child?

Who gives a hoot if this blog has caused you trouble. You haven't cared about what troubled you've caused anyone around you. If you want it down and for your "good name" (can't even type it with a straight face) restored because you feel it has brought a little misery into your life, then take me to court. I'll make you wet your pants in any courtroom by turning that doberman into a poodle, and you'd still have to deal with me in family court since you never did sent money NOR supplies for your daughter after all. Even parnoid men who are afraid to give women checks or cash still buy the items for their kids. You acted like I'd be reselling diapers and daycare hours for cash to go shopping for a pair of shoes.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

If I don't answer, leave a message

It's easy to contact me. Just send an email or leave a voicemail if you really have been trying to call me. Not sending an email or leaving a voicemail with a callback number isn't even worth mentioning you tried to call, because you didn't leave anything for me to know. I can still figure out who's who even with fake IP addresses so it really doesn't matter if you try to hide your IP address or not.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Scared poodle

Well, I wasn’t going to publish anymore emails but after some requests for clarification, I am publishing a few more emails. To great disappointment of some, I am still not publishing the more explicit ones here but will gladly produce them in court in case someone wants to sing a song about not having any type of relationship.

For one email I have located, I’m only publishing a select few lines just because apparently this one email seem to be worth something to a lot of people. To bad for some, the entire email will be very embarrassing and very blunt about who owns a few certain companies. I’m guessing that after having certain people going around asking others if they have seen me, what car am I driving, where do I live, false reports, etc., he thought that I would just vanish like the wind. Well, the lesson learned is if a man is going to knock up a woman who’s not his wife and interfere with her earning an income by harassing her job, then he should be very prepared to financially support the child he created with her. Maybe, he thought I would be quiet like the one that worked at the hotel with the son he says isn’t his. Here’s a new name for him since he is running from our daughter, “Scared poodle.” Maybe, that’s what should be painted on the jets, a poodle.