Thursday, July 19, 2007

Since I've Been Having Baby Daddy Drama

I've had three court dates set regarding a restraining order on Mitchell J. Stein, age 48 and soon to be 49. I was hoping he'd come to his senses and realize that when I told him that he was nuts for having people to follow his wife and girlfriends over the years. Obviously, I was wrong. Therefore, even though I missed the last court date, the judge has decided to let a hearing be held in San Diego Superior Court for August. Thank goodness!

I mean it's enough that he was sending people to my place of employment last August and September and had that dumbass John P. write me a two page joke of a letter, but I have been called several times regarding a clean shaven, stocky white male and a clean shaven, black male who think that flashing what they are calling a private investigator badge in front of someone's face stating they want to know where I live and work. If they really wanted to get in touch with me to have a real discussion, then why haven't they left their business cards? Why? That's because they have not had any intentions of disclosing their identity which is cause for concern that these people are not showing up for reasons other than intimidation. Even REAL detectives with the police department leave business cards or a name and number. No one has to be a rocket scientist to know that.

I mean it's bad enough that you are trying to avoid being served and trying to convince people that you could not be the father of our child, you feel the need to have not just one but two people to pop up questioning people about me and for what? Why don't you hop in your jet and come to your court date in San Diego for August and explain why you feel the need to send people who refuse to leave a card or their name and contact number? After all, if your intentions are not to intimidate and harm, then you should have no problem explaining that to a court so that it can go on record that that is not your character, and so that I could stop blogging about your thug life mentality to try to get people to do what you want.

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