Friday, January 24, 2014

Bogus Lawsuits On Halt for Now

United States Germany Russia United Kingdom Netherlands France Ukraine China Poland Canada Someone asked me who is viewing this blog. I'm guessing more than just a few with interest since the current counter shows almost 16,000. I'm not going to say who has viewed but the latest countries are listed above. There have been a few other areas, but these are the most frequent locations. Sentencing is April 7, 2014 in Florida for the person who quoted the old date in February. Although, I wouldn't be surprised if one more trick is up that sleeve to delay. If anyone read his lawsuits and studied the Sparks deposition, then they would know exactly what's going on. Any person or entity who's ever received one of his bogus lawsuits know exactly what's going on with that criminal trial which is why it's no surprise he still hasn't been sentenced. Mitchell is in jail awaiting sentencing so he can't pull a Rebecca Parret by running, taking anti -aging regiments on the run, hiding in a tourist community, and claiming to be a victim of fraud.


John said...

Will you explain how he could flee if he is already detained?

Do You Know Mitchell J Stein said...

He's not in jail. If you really know him, you would not be surprised he got out earlier this month. His sentencing is delayed again. I will be very surprised if the new court date proceed with a sentencing. Remorse doesn't exist. Admitting guilt on record doesn't exist with sociopaths. They plot.