Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What Do You Think

To answer someone's question in search words, maybe. If I was being watched at a time that I was not even focused on more than having a child and wasn't discussing the happenings of my daughter's father nor concerned about his involvements in anything then anyone is subject to being watched. After all, their was a taped played over and over on one of his beloved ipods with the voices of a former inner circle member, that person's attorney, and a representative of a certain trading company being played as if his lifestyle depended on this particular person. It makes you wonder why was that taped being played constantly and why was that person's name being mentioned over and over again in conversations when he spoke to his attorney. After all, this is someone who's stated that they've had girlfriends and one other woman watched just for the hell of it because he wanted to know if they were seeing someone else.

My question to you is how can people truly feel comfortable in association when they are being watched, and what is it that you think you know or have to make a person feel that you are a treat to them? All I can say is that maybe that can be a bargaining item if you are ever approached by anyone stating that they are investigating you since their seem to be a lot of talk about investigations and lawsuits.

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