Monday, September 29, 2008

Email transfer from Yahoo and No to the request

I’m keeping my word about the emails, I am not releasing anymore, but I am going to posts the ones that were already on the Yahoo message board as requested.

Also to answer someone’s post questions, I am not going to let your info be posted since it is sort of providing some info that I cannot confirm and I will not let profanity like that be allowed on my blog even if I may or may not agree with some things stated. The one thing that I will say is no, I’m not the one from a few years ago he went to the doctor with to see why she couldn’t get pregnant. As you can tell, I already have a child with him and so does a few other wives and former lovers (or so he claimed).


Anonymous said...

This is the best site for comic relief and value.

Do You Know Mitchell J Stein said...

The real value would be a lesson for all attorneys to realize that conversations you have with clients are NOT always heard between the client and the attorney. Well, at least in Mitchell J. Stein's case. Ignoring a child you have with a woman who's heard it all the way to the dictating of letters and telling Signalife attorneys not to let certain Word documents save to their hard drives is a lesson to all. Also, having someone go office to office searching for a woman when the minute they stepped off the elevator they were being recorded is priceless. I guess someone didn't notice the hallway camera and the camera in view of them sitting in their Mercedes watching the building.