Monday, March 9, 2009

Re: Hi Mitchell

"If that does not make you feel comfortable, go to It is a revolutionary heart company I founded four years ago."


Well, you get the idea of what is being told in this email and their is that self-confidence of repeating who owns this company and what other company. The author of the above quote is Mitchell J. Stein and it did come from a certain Hidden Hills, CA computer. It took a little while to obtain it, but I do have the email, and it has sparked interest including an offer to buy the email but I've been thinking about just giving out copies to anyone who wants one. Who knows where it will turn up. I'd guess if he wasn't truly the owner, it would have the assumed owner awfully upset to know that an "employee" was using company equipment to send emails of sexual content, confessions of his "love," and his boldness to say that no one would believe me. Well, from California to Indiana to Florida, your version is no longer believable Mitchell J. Stein.

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