Monday, March 9, 2009

Scared poodle

Well, I wasn’t going to publish anymore emails but after some requests for clarification, I am publishing a few more emails. To great disappointment of some, I am still not publishing the more explicit ones here but will gladly produce them in court in case someone wants to sing a song about not having any type of relationship.

For one email I have located, I’m only publishing a select few lines just because apparently this one email seem to be worth something to a lot of people. To bad for some, the entire email will be very embarrassing and very blunt about who owns a few certain companies. I’m guessing that after having certain people going around asking others if they have seen me, what car am I driving, where do I live, false reports, etc., he thought that I would just vanish like the wind. Well, the lesson learned is if a man is going to knock up a woman who’s not his wife and interfere with her earning an income by harassing her job, then he should be very prepared to financially support the child he created with her. Maybe, he thought I would be quiet like the one that worked at the hotel with the son he says isn’t his. Here’s a new name for him since he is running from our daughter, “Scared poodle.” Maybe, that’s what should be painted on the jets, a poodle.


Anonymous said...

no jets left.

Do You Know Mitchell J Stein said...

I already have a copy of all those documents and some things related to that bankruptcy is quite questionable. However, the plane was not registered to him as an individual.