Monday, September 29, 2008

I can't believe I forgot about these emails

After noticing a certain female viewing my blog, it did remind me to go do a little email searching. Well, I finally came across a few emails that I forgot about. I forgot how detail Mitchell was in his emails and then it clicked with a certain conversation Mitchell had on speakerphone with a certain attorney discussing how a certain for public only wife had to stay on the “same page” since it “implicated” her too. It’s funny how she was never mentioned as the wife but only as Ms. “Maiden Name” and her first name only and how they weren’t on good terms was stated several times and he was not letting her handle all his affairs anymore. Despite this, he did tell this particular attorney that she wouldn't turn on him and as the as the prez would say, she would “stay the course.” Back to the point, Mr. Stein seem to almost have the more current Mrs. caught in either a major lie or either is the biggest bullshitter out there. I’m going with the federal government eye raising kind of liar since he gave step-by-step instructions of how something could be verified. Now, I'm thinking that there is no way this could be the singer and reverend Al Green's daughter the way Mitchell Stein claimed she is. I'm hoping that was a lie. Now, I’m thinking that I bet one day the more current Mrs. is going to wish she returned my phone call or responded to a letter since I’ve had info in regards to how a worried husband sort of gave up some info really quick in email and conversations that would also affect her and about him claiming to be building his separate money from her, and not wanting to pay out too much in a divorce. I’m thinking these are the types of emails that certain people have been wanting and I’m not talking about people such as private investigators that are under the radar of people who are greater in the chain of law enforcement than that sheriff department they use to work for. I am thinking that was one of the dumbest things a man could send when he’s saying he doesn’t earn any income but is telling a woman all of what he does have. I can’t remember if it was eight or nine businesses and who’s name are those houses in including the ones the more current Mrs. didn’t know about. Which almost makes me wonder, if there is no earned income how was Mitchell J. Stein going to afford to put me into a three bedroom at the Remington in West L.A. and give that $20k/mo allowance to in his words “keep up” with his lifestyle? I guess, maybe one of these emails explains it. I can’t believe someone who writes all of this info in emails would not had quickly wanted that DNA test and to start sending those child support payments really quickly before things he wrote started showing up in courtrooms and government agencies. Then again, it’s obvious that Mr. Stein didn’t think that sending people like thugs, private investigators (or so they claimed but had no I.D), Child Protective Services (man did that worker look pissed at the wasted time when I pulled out some restraining order papers, the birth certificate showing the CORRECT birth date since the incident allegedly happened before our daughter was even born (lol), a paper that is going to kill that lie in court, and the fact that I was breastfeeding a very alert looking baby. Oh, and next time that department is call, get the info correct about which one of the women was molested as a child correct. It wasn’t me. I’m sure she didn’t like knowing Mitchell told me all about that) and sending that two page whine letter when I asked for less than $1k for baby supplies would piss a woman off enough to say screw it and make his personal business just as public as the personal business of his friends and associates he tells so freely to people he says he barely know. I have to admit for someone who’s suppose to be a mastermind of how to get over on the IRS, SEC, and DOJ by pushing penny stock, is a sucker for sending emails and text messages that could possibly contribute in landing him if not his wife in prison since someone has apparently lied under oath and someone else has apparently lied a lot under oath and screwing the IRS over in millions
Oh, I almost forgot. I would suggest to the caller who wants to be identified as “calling from the pharmacy” to not call at 9 or 10pm using that crappy line. You did make my friend that answer the phone laugh at how bad you were in the lie. It’s funny how those calls from the “pharmacy” seemed to have appeared at the time I was being discussed on the Yahoo board earlier in the year.

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