Thursday, July 15, 2010

August 2, 2010

Paternity suit was served in June 2010 on Mitchell J. Stein, yet Mitchell J. Stein was a no show for mediation today which was no surprise.

Guess we'll see you at the hearing on Monday, August 2, 2010 in Orange County unless you're going for a bench warrant and/or a default judgment.

Now, make sure you print this post out and do a print screen so it can be known you missed mediation and our hearing is still August 2, 2010. It's the exact same place that is listed in your paperwork.

You'd think a man who denies paternity to friends and family would want to make sure he shows up for a hearing. However, since it's a pattern regarding cases he's on the losing end of, it would be a surprise if Mitchell J. Stein doesn't try to keep delaying this matter.


Anonymous said...

Any updates on this loser???

Anonymous said...

Loser is too kind of a word to be used here.

He is being sued by the California Attorney General for having a major part in a mortgage scam,

The day his bank accounts were frozen by CA he filed a lawsuit against employees of federal government agencies and a whistleblower as a class action lawsuit,

Two days after he went after the Obama administration, his office was seized by the CA DOJ and State Bar so he can't practice law pending the outcome of the CA lawsuit against him.

He is delaying family court in Orange County regarding child support,