Friday, July 30, 2010

How To Move a Blog to Page One

If you go to, you will see an orange icon that says “Create a Blog.” Click on it. It will take you to a screen that says “Create a Google Account.”

If you do not have a Google Account, you will need to go to, Google Groups, or Orkut, and create an account. There is no charge to create a Google account, because they do not charge. After you create your Gmail email account, go back to the site and follow the directions listed above.

Type in your Gmail email address, and fill out each blank. Once you have done that, click on the orange icon that says, “Continue.”

Now once you have gotten to “Name Your Blog,” create a name for the blog title. In this blog’s case, the name created was “Do You Know Mitchell J Stein” and you will need to create your blog address. Your blog address does not have to be identical to the Blog title but if you would like to move up in search engines to the front pages, it should be a name that would closely link your title and address, and it makes it easy for people who wish to view your blog to remember.

Once you’re done and move to the next page, you will “Choose a Starter Template.” They have a lot of generic, standard templates. You will see a format, a template’s name, and the name of the person who created the template. This blog choose to use the black format from the group of starter templates since it was simple and not complex. Don’t worry, there is no charge for these templates. They are free and maintained by Blogger. When you pick out which free template you want.

Once you choose your template and go to the next page, you will see that your blog has been created and you are now ready to “Start Blogging,” at no charge thanks to Now, you can immediately start blogging or you can click on “Design” to setup the format of your blog at no charge. “Design” will also give you the choices to let people be Followers you, you can write About Me information, you can add links to other web sites and blogs, you can add JavaScript, create a slideshow, add pictures, create a search, add a newsreel, create a feed, add a profile, blog archive, etc. This has all been created by Blogger at no charge. It’s free. If you are not pleased with the format of your blog, you can click on “Template Designer” which will let your change the template, background, layout, and also provide some advance options that lets you change the color of text, links, and bars. This blog went with the Awesome Inc. template, because it was a simple format, plain, and easy to view.

Now, if you are wondering how do blogs and web sites move to the first page on Google and other search engines then here is an answer. When people begin to click on your blog or web site, that can generate “web crawls.” Right after your site is created it will generate a web crawl, in most cases but not all cases. When people begin to click on your blog using specific search phrases or if your blog is linked to web sites, message boards, or other blogs, it will generate activity on your site which helps move your site closer to the first few pages on search engines. When people begin to comment on your blog, the words that they use in their comments make their statements searchable online and that can help move the blog. If people are referencing your blog’s name on other web sites, blogs, or message boards, then that will increase the blog chances of moving closer to the first or second page, unless your blog shares the name with a celebrity, have a very common name or topic name or an event that is always going to be more popular. If people who make comments or if you make blog topics with a certain word or words frequently, that will move your blog up even more since it’s being repetitive and that can start to bring your blog to the first or second page. Either way, you would have moved your blog to the top page or top pages on a search engine and it can be done for free. Also, if you comment on other blogs, web sites, and message boards logged in as your blog screen name that can help.

Google search engine was used in this blog entry mainly, because if you have a Google account, use Blogger (associated with Google), and use words repetitively, then it is possible to increase the chances of moving up on search engines as long as you don’t share a topic or name that is very common. In that case it will probably cost money to move to the first page, but if your topic or words used are not that popular or well-known, then you can easily move to page one within a month or two.

This is not a guarantee, but this has the experience I have had making a free blog move to page one without paying one cent to get to page one on Google search engine as well as Yahoo, MSN, and others.

Also, if you want to find out WHO is viewing your blog, then you will need to search online for free blog counters. Most will give you the IP addresses of people who view your blog and if they are viewing directly from a web site domain, at what time they viewed, what search words they used to view your blog, what pages they viewed, and you can see what web site domains are viewing your blog. If you are really computer knowledgeable, then you can also learn how to trace IP addresses of persons who try to block their IP addresses or at least know when someone is viewing under a fake IP address, you can also find out if someone viewed your blog via an email or file attachment. Each blog counter company is different with what they provide so you have to choose the one that will meet your need.

Remember that if you are using the address for your blog, then you are using Google's web site. If you want to get rid of the, then you have to move your free blog to a paid blog web site which will cause for you to create an available domain name (cost less than $10 to setup). If you are managing your blog on your independent web site, then that will cost month that can be paid monthly or annually depending on what hosting company you choose. However, if is apart of your blog web site name, then you are using the FREE Blogger account which can provide you will lot of FREE steps to create a blog.

Don't forget Blogger is copyrighted by Google.

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