Wednesday, July 16, 2008


It's too many emails to publish. If not located here, a few others will start popping up including the nasty ones that begin in August 2006 and the one stating that he'd already found another woman in his stable of juggling women.

If you are unable to locate here, all you have to do is do an internet search.

The goal ultimately is for Mr. Stein or Tracey Wilson Hampton-Stein to stop dodging the paternity issue of this particular child. After all, people who are convinced that a child is not theirs have no need to avoid anything, or maybe, it's a fear that a few other women will finally come forward. With the lawsuits surrounding Recom/Signalife, angry shareholders, parnoid behavior regarding the other possible legal issues, this can only be dodged for so long and is not going away quietly by avoiding it. For someone who is apart of a "Free Loan Association," market for retired athletes to be taken care, give money to a project for children, and spend all that time raising money for Clinton but not support their own child makes it seems like you might be on more than the pills and alcohol, Mr. Stein and is bringing even more attention to you then you think.

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