Thursday, July 24, 2008

With All The Attorneys and Financial Institutes Reading................'d think that this was a bar association mixer or a Chamber meeting. Mitchell told me that he was going to sue me. I'm still waiting to be served, counselors. You don't even have to hire a process server. Just email me the courthouse, and I'd gladly accept service to be sued by Mitchell J. Stein. I still would like to know the reason behind people sitting in cars watching a certain building and the need to come in groups of twos to find out where I'm living and what I'm doing daily. I'd like to know, and our daughter one day, why there was money spent, unless it's the P.I. who works for free, on private investigators but not one cent spent on her daily needs and medical. There's a judge who would also like to hear that reason even if you are no longer current with your bar license, you are still listed as a businessman and a donor of certain charities and politicians but can't seem to support our daughter.

Maybe, he lost the money that should be going towards our daughter's care playing blackjacks. Maybe, the investment companies that are looking can explain how someone who can lose $300k in less than one hour at a blackjack table in Vegas can't afford to pay for daycare, diapers, or even one nanny? Although, somehow, he has stated that one of his other daughters have five or six. Can one of you attorneys explain why he's such a deadbeat? Can Switzerland explain this? I mean all these litigation attorneys looking here, but not one seem to be a family law attorney. After all, a respectable, honest businessman wouldn't have reason to even give a glance at such a B.S. blog nor attract so many litigators and investment institutions. Right?

Also for clarification, my name is NOT Cassandra. That's one of the other ones. Although, it's understandable to get us confused. It is several baby mommas.

I bet someone is thinking or have thought that it would had been easier to had just declared being the father and started the support instead of being blasted across the internet at the worse possible time when there are pending lawsuits, scams exposed, pissed off shareholders, government woes, etc.

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