Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Guess You Are Gonna Try to Sue

You can have as many attorneys are you want to visit, but it's going to keep popping up everywhere. I guess you need to sue the whole internet. Although, it will still keep popping up. It's not fiction. The child exists. There's no cashed checks, no clothes receipts, no daycare receipts, no medical receipts, there's nothing. If you want to prove the truth, lets go for the paternity test any day, If it bothers you that bad, then why not take the test to prove it? Maybe, the evading of the paternity test and child support? Maybe, other legal issues? Maybe, you lied about your income under oath?

You're dirty laundry is already out in the open and if you want to be mad and threaten lawsuits, then it's your own creation.

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