Wednesday, July 16, 2008

fruit, planes, automobiles and pretty noses (Email 1)

fruit, planes, automobiles and pretty noses

Saturday, June 3, 2006 4:05 PM

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It was certainly a shock to meet you and imagine such a fabulous potential. I could not have anticipated any of the emotions or fantasies that emanated -- when we met -- from your voice, your smile, your body language, your nose, your "look," and your character (you obviously are one, to wit: "a character").

I got your list, and I cannot imagine what these negotiations and continued discussions are going to feel like on Tuesday.

You must take it easy on me: I cautioned you up front that I am essentially like a little boy and can get attached and possessive (but in a positive way, if you can imagine that) in certain rare situations.

I was previously certain that, given how we met, that would never happen to me where you were concerned. I would be an idiot to let that happen, and nobody with my level of success could be that stupid. Right?


See you Tuesday.

E mail me if you are bored in the interim.


Mitchell J. Stein,
Attorney at Law
Phone: 888-721-****
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